Kronnerath is the informal name for duer purists in Uduerinstand. The name translated means “The Might of Kings.” Duer who identify as kronnerath maintain that it was grave mistake to overthrow the old monarchy. They are often highly critical of the parliamentary government now in place, insisting that the kings of old would have acted very different in the wake of the Great Dying — to seize land for the duer, not as colonists but as occupiers. They lament for a return to traditional values and traditional policies, including keeping Uduerinstand “pure” (i.e. free of Duerkin, halflings, and outsiders). Followers of kronnerath believe a strong military is necessary to keep Uduerinstand safe in the world post Great Dying. Much of what a kronnerath supporter believes could be seen as treasonous, so those who follow kronnerath generally keep their feelings hidden in public.


“Blackstone” is a group within the larger kronnerath movement that actively advocates for revolt against the parliament and a restoration of the old monarchy. These are largely groups led by wealthy duer, including many for whom a counterevolt could mean a restoration of hereditary family titles lost when the monarchy was overthrown, along with the duer who swear fealty to them (symbolic) and others who long for the old regime.

Symbols of the Kronnerath

Members of the Kronnerath have adopted several symbols to reflect their shared views and to help members identify each other privately. Not all of these are widely known, though a few have been discovered over the years:

  • Heraldry of the Duer Monarchy: The ancient colors and heraldry of the kings of the duer are sometimes used by members of the Kronnergard, especially by the elite duer who would stand to gain from its restoration.
  • The Battle Standard of the Revolution: During the revolt against the monarchy, the revolutionaries adopted a symbol to represent their aims: a hammer knocking off the parapet of a tower, against a bright crimson background. Some followers of Kronnerath have adopted the flag as their own, signifying that they do not yet think the revolution is over. This symbol is more popular amongst the rank and file of the Kronnerath.
  • Black Masks: It is said that members of the Blackstone, when acting on behalf of the Kronnerath elite, wear black masks to hide their identity from those whom they encounter. The masks replicate the stony faces of the statues that once stood in front of the duer royal palace.


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