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  • Character Creation

    _Revised 6/25/2015_ If you're creating a new character, you will be starting with the PHB and applying the rules below. Contact the DM if you have questions. h3. Level New PCs begin at *level 4*. h3. Alignment. There is *NO EVIL ALIGNMENT …

  • Kreue Member

    You are a member of the [[Freehold Vanguard | Freehold Vanguard]], also called the Keeper's Kreue -- not just a hired adventurer, but as a member of the organization with rank. As a member of the Kreue, your primary job is to watch out for the good of …

  • Duerkin

    [[File:425261 | class=media-item-align-center | duerkin.png]] *Duerkin* are the result of mating between humans and duer. They tend to favor their duer parents in terms of looks, often being stout and hairy, though usually taller than duer and with …

  • Thomm Strubbins

    Thomm Strubbins is the terse, dark-humored gnome who sits on the [[Council of Freehold | Council of Freehold]]. He was an adventuring companion of [[:simon-keeper | Simon Keeper]] before the [[Great Dying]], along with his twin brother Nobb (deceased).