The Barren Kingdoms

1.06. Tomb of the Swamp King

Consisting of several nights of adventure

The PCs set off with Gurp, a Wawaru elder, to the Wawaru village where the lizard folk, no longer needing to hide their intentions, were mustering to assault the Outpost. The PCs sent Gurp in to convince the Wawaru not to fight for the lizard folk.

The plan worked; the Wawaru did not answer the call to arms that night when the PCs attempted a nighttime raid with “confusion” and “smoke and mirrors” as a running theme. Things started off well but they had to weather waves of incoming enemies before being able to make for the far side of the camp and confront the leaders of the lizard folk force. They won the day, but discovered that the skull had already been sent to the tomb of Sakatha. They would have to go into the swamp to stop the ritual before the lizard folk unleashed whatever dark power resided in the skull!

The next few days were spent navigating the confusing maze of waters in the swamp, chasing after the skull. The PCs faced a number of dangers, including giant frogs, otyughs, and a young catoblepas. Much fun was had by all.

Eventually, the party made it to the tomb of Sakatha, on the very night the ritual was to take place. They assaulted the heavily guarded entrance, killed an ettin, and then busted into the ceremony. They had a brief opportunity to stop the ceremony, but they failed to think quickly and so the ritual was completed and so Sakatha — or something that grew from the unholy combination of Sakatha’s remains and whatever dark energies resided in the skull — rose triumphantly. The PCs, already weakened from their initial assault, nonetheless fought on.

In the end, they were victorious! The Sakatha-thing was defeated, the lizard folk routed, and both the Wawaru and Heredun Outpost were saved. Sadly, the party lost their cleric, the dragonborn Thrundr Bluespark, during the battle.


You failed to mention that the paladin delivered the death blow.

1.06. Tomb of the Swamp King

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