The Barren Kingdoms

1.05. The Peace Summit

Not surprisingly, things go south

After a week, the peace talks between the Wawarau and Heredun Outpost began. The Wawarau arrived in force, bringing a small army of bullywugs, turtle folk, and lizard folk warriors. Papa Slau and a smaller contingent — including a pair of lizard folk who were not introduced but who seemed to hold some influence over Papa Slau — entered into talks with Commander Verestone.

The PCs, tasked with security, were in the room when negotiations took a sudden turn for the violent. The lizard folk, who turned out to be two shamans, tried to assassinate both Papa Slau and Commander Verestone, shouting “For Sakatha!” as they did so. The shamans looked to their bulkywugs guards to defend them in the wake of the attempt (which failed), but the bullywugs were not feeling very loyal after seeing their leader cut down. The PCs managed to slay the two assassins, and the Heredun force drove off the army outside. The remaining bullywugs in the peace talk contingent surrendered.

In the aftermath, it was revealed that the peace talks were a ruse for the lizard folk to get into Heredun Outpost. They strong-armed the bullywugs into helping them against the Outpost. As it turns out, they were after a strange artifact that the Outpost had uncovered during its construction: a deformed skull that radiated necromantic magic. Saves at the outpost were convinced it might have some tie to the Great Dying and were preparing to send it to Freehold. The lizard folk were convinced it was the lost skull of Sakatha the Swamp King, whose headless body lie in a tomb deep within the swamp.

The party soon learned that, in the commotion, a lizard folk rogue had indeed made off with the skull. The party had a new mission: retrieve the skull before the lizard folk could unleash its magic!



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