The Barren Kingdoms

1.03. The Heredun Outpost

New threats emerge ...

The party decides it is best to avoid a full confrontation with the orken force. They sneak into the woods, ready to retreat and continue their mission, when Biff spots three prisoners with the orken group. Now that there are innocent lives at stake, Caelynn favors a rescue effort. The others ultimately agree.

The party wisely waits until the wee hours of the morning before attempting their rescue. Aelar and Caelynn try to sneak into the keep, but they are detected and rouse the nearby night watch, including a brutish ogre. The pair retreat but are followed, leading to a brief scuffle. With the keep alerted, the party decides that a second rescue attempt is unwise. They continue in their journey.

Two days of travel brings the PCs little action, but they do discover some treasure in a hidden monastic village.

At the Heredun Outpost, it is decided that Aelar will continue on to Freehold with the log book that the party recovered from the keep. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is assigned building duty — the outpost is expanding into a more permanent settlement and they need stone walls. The non-enlisted members of the party strangely agree to do this for no gold, despite not being enlisted members of the Vanguard. The DM rolls with it.

A week into their indentured servitude, the PCs face a new threat: an incursion of inhabitants from the local swamp who are apparently unhappy with the impending permanent military presence on their doorstep. A group of Bullywugs and giant frogs, backed by an unseen spellcaster, assault the party’s work crew. The party drives the amphibious force off, but they know that this is only a warning; if someone doesn’t do something about it, there will be more attacks. I wonder whom the outpost will turn to for help?


Fair assessment.

Now is the Captain sending us out to negotiate or exterminate.

1.03. The Heredun Outpost

The Captain better be handing out field promotions soon; or he will not be able to send me out for even a pizza.

1.03. The Heredun Outpost

Sounds like a pay raise…..
I also see twilight 2000 promotions……

1.03. The Heredun Outpost

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