Adventure Awaits in Freehold

A decade ago, every human on the continent of Wealdan died simultaneously and without explanation. Now, residents of Freehold, the last city in the old human lands – referred to grimly as “the Barren Kingdoms” by those who still live there – face many challenges: vicious orken hordes maraud in the north; the alien, corrupted Karn press in from the east; and the unquiet dead rise from the very cities the humans once called home. Backed only by their staunch dwarven allies, Freehold struggles to forge a new identity for themselves in an increasingly dangerous world. Meanwhile, members of a group known as the Keeper’s Krewe seek to preserve the best parts of what humanity left behind, while also trying to find out what happened to the ill-fated race … and if it can happen again.

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The Barren Kingdoms

Castle acre priory sits ruined on a cloudy english day