Timeline of Events

1258 Bar. / 0 GD — On Midsummer’s Day, every human in Wealdan dies suddenly.

1 GD — In the spring, Uduerinstand marches an exploratory force out into the Barren Kingdoms. Unprepared for the legions of undead they encounter, the force soon retreats back to Duerholm.

2 GD — In the spring, Uduerinstand sends out a second exploratory force. This force reaches Barien City, where they encounter Simon Keeper and learn about the threat that would someday be known as the Karn.

3 GD — Barien City is officially renamed Freehold. That summer, a orken war horde crosses Feydor’s Run, intent on looting Barien City. Freehold and Uduerinstand forge a defense alliance and turn away the orken horde.

Timeline of Events

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