Simon Keeper's Written Orders

As de facto leaders of the party by virtue of being enlisted members of the Freehold Vanguard, Chance and Biff were given these orders.

Follow the old Merchant’s Road for three days; there you will find the keep that used to watch over the town of Cardevale.

We have discovered word of an incident that occurred just before the Great Dying: a soldier was bitten by something unknown, and began to exhibit “strange behaviors.” The captain of the garrison there was concerned enough to send word of the incident to his superiors in Barien City.

Search the keep for the captain’s log book, which we hope will contain further information. It will likely be kept in a safe place, and it is hopefully still intact. Bring it back, along with any other information you find.

On your journey back, stop by the Freehold outpost near Heredun. The captain there, Otik Verestone, will have further orders for you.


Simon Keeper's Written Orders

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