Races in the Barren Kingdoms setting are slightly altered from the PHB. Below are the races that play a part in the Barren Kingdoms.

Antaeans: Not currently playable. A race of gentle, nature-loving people characterized by their stout muzzled faces and the soft fur that covers most of their body. They live mainly in the southern wilds, though one or two monastic antaeans call most every forest and woodland home.

Dragonborn: Playable. Exceedingly rare, these creatures form small communities in the southern wilds and sometimes live alongside the wood elves and antaeans.

Dwarves (Duer): Playable, and a major race in the Barren Kingdoms. Properly called duer. the duer of Uduerinstand are allied with Freehold and they maintain a large population there. Both mountain duer and hill duer come from Uduerinstand, and merely represent different strains of the population.

Elves (Fyrell): Playable. Properly called fyrell. High elves have their origins in the city of Yn’yilaris, and wood elves live in small enclaves in the southern wilds. There are no drow in the Barren Kingdoms.

Gnomes: Playable. Gnomes (sometimes derisively called “dwarf children”) live among the dwarves of Uduerinstand, and anywhere else they can make a living. They are unchanged from the PHB.

Half-Dwarves (Duerkin): A new playable race, duerkin are the result of interbreeding between humans and duer; or, they are the offspring of pairings of duerkin adults.

Half-Elves (Fairekin): Playable. Fairekin (a corruption of fyrell-kin) live primarily in Freehold. They are the result of interbreeding between humans and fyrell; or, they are the offspring of pairings of fairekin adults.

Half-Orcs (Half-Orken): Playable, and virtually unchanged from the PHB. “Orken” is a collective term used to refer to orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, and ogres.

Halflings: Playable. In the Barren Kingdoms, halflings are actually a hybrid race, the result of interbreeding between duer and gnomes. They are rare. Otherwise, they are unchanged from the PHB.

Humans: Non-playable. Extinct as a result of the Great Dying.

Tieflings: Non-playable. All the tieflings died when the creator of the Barren Kingdoms fed them all to the Tarrasque in an event known as the Great Idea To Get Rid Of Tieflings.


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