Kreue Member

You are a member of the Freehold Vanguard, also called the Keeper’s Kreue — not just a hired adventurer, but as a member of the organization with rank. As a member of the Kreue, your primary job is to watch out for the good of Freehold by being the first to encounter and stop threats to the city. You willingly put yourself at risk because you believe in the city and its ideals.

Feature: Membership Has Its Privileges. You always have a spot in the Kreue Hall, a residence for in-good-standing members of the Vanguard. While in Freehold, you can choose to stay in the Hall during downtime and avoid half of the cost of living. Further, members of the Vanguard are generally viewed favorably by the people of Freehold. You can expect to have advantage on Diplomacy rolls with most common non-Vanguard NPCs in Freehold in everyday situations, unless story or circumstances dictate otherwise.

Suggested Characteristics: Use the Soldier charts (PHB 140-141).

Skills: History, Survival.

Languages: One additional Standard language.

Tool Proficiencies: One kind of gaming set.

Starting Equipment: A trinket of old humanity found during your first foray into the Barren Kingdoms (roll on or choose from Trinkets table, PHB 160-161); a red armband with the Circle embroidered on it; a map of the lands beyond Freehold; a set of dice or cards; a set of traveler’s clothes; and a belt pouch containing 10 duer gold.

Kreue Member

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