Freehold Vanguard

The Freehold Vanguard is a select band of soldiers, adventurers, and scholars that collectively act as both defenders of Freehold and explorers of the Barren Kingdoms. They serve at the behest of, and under the command of, Simon Keeper. They are separate from the permanent military defense of Freehold, which is primarily comprised of duer from Uduerinstand.

The Vanguard is not a formal military organization. Instead, it is a loosely organized network of loyal and semi-loyal individuals, each of whom shares a dedication to Freehold and is driven to find out what happened ten years ago. However, a group of Vanguard members have established themselves in an organized fashion, with the hope that more formal coordination will benefit the cause. They have begun to establish a pecking order, and have even appointed a council to guide the group’s efforts

Members of the Vanguard are casually referred to as Keeper’s Kreue by the citizens of Freehold. Many members of the Vanguard have taken to the name and use it as well.

In the Barren Kingdoms setting, PCs can choose Kreue Member as a Background.

Freehold Vanguard

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