The city of Freehold (formerly Barien City) stands where Feydor’s Run and the Hy’dranois converge before flowing south as the Twins River. In the time before the Great Dying this made the city an important center of economy and governance; now, it is the defensive center of the frontier between civilization and the Barren Kingdoms.

Freehold is built around an ideal: that the Circle of Races is more than just an alliance of powers but a guideline to a better way of living. Freehold has been strongly influenced by the ideals of democracy and self-governance favored by the duer of Uduerinstand, with whom Freehold has a strong alliance.

The population of Freehold is an eclectic community, with fyrell, duer, fairekin, duerkin, gnomes, halflings, antaeans, and even some orken and half-orken living side-by-side. Fairekin, duerkin, and duer tend to be the most common residents of the city, while most of the fyrell who live there are refugees from Yn’yilaris who cannot return home.

Freehold is ruled by the Council of Freehold, headed by Simon Keeper .


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