Duerkin are the result of mating between humans and duer. They tend to favor their duer parents in terms of looks, often being stout and hairy, though usually taller than duer and with finer features. They are generally more cunning and less literal-minded than duer, as well, and so are regarded for their common sense and level-headedness within the duer community.

Ability Scores: Your Wisdom increases by 2 and either you Strength or Constitution increases by 1.

Speed: Your base speed is 30 ft.

Age and Size: Duerkin average about 5 ft. tall and average 200 lbs. They are Medium-sized. Duerkin age slower than humans. They reach maturity in about 20 years and live to be 150 years.

Duer Ancestry: You gain advantage on saving throws involving poison and resistance to poison damage.

Exceptional Craftsmen: You receive one free Tool Proficiency at first level; the proficiency must be with a type of Artisan’s Tools. You can always choose to use Wisdom as a skill modifier when using these tools.

Skill: You gain one free skill at first level.

Darkvision: You gain Darkvision out to 60 feet.


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