Council of Freehold

The Council of Freehold is the loosely organized governing structure that runs Freehold.

The Council is run by Simon Keeper, one of the founders of Freehold. The Council’s second-in-command is Kranger Schaldhamer, a duer from Uduerinstand who also serves as the military commander of the standing duer defense forces in Freehold and along the border of the Reclaimed Lands.

Other members of the council include Shalana Dayspring and Thomm Strubbins, also founders of Freehold. Hadae, an antaean, also sits on the council.

Council Governance

The council, as it currently exists, is unelected. Keeper, Dayspring, and Strubbins have more or less been in charge since the city was refounded after the Great Dying; Schaldhamer sits on the council by decree of Uduerinstand, who required Council representation as part of the defense agreement; and Hadae was invited to sit on the Council by Keeper after the death of the prior antaean member.

There is a general sense that this power structure is fine … so long as Simon Keeper remains in charge. Were Keeper to step down or die, it is uncertain to whom power would fall.

Council of Freehold

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