Tag: Monsters


  • The Restless Dead

    When the humans died, it is believed that their souls were literally ripped from their bodies. They left behind corpses, and while the spark of life was snuffed in some, in others the spark of life remained. Devoid of a soul but refusing to die, these …

  • Karn

    *Karn* is the name given to the corruption that spread out of [[Wyldefung]] in the years after the [[Great Dying]]. The word _kaern_ is a duer word, meaning both _alien_ and _abnormal_.

  • Orken

    *Orken* is the name given to the mutt-bred melange of races that live in the cold north of [[Wealdan]]. The name indiscriminately encompasses a number of interweaving bloodlines, none of which is quite exactly related to another. Some believe the orken …