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  • Freehold

    The city of Freehold (formerly [[Barien City]]) stands where [[Feydor's Run]] and the [[Hy'dranois]] converge before flowing south as the [[Twins River]]. In the time before the [[Great Dying]] this made the city an important center of economy and …

  • Freehold Vanguard

    The *Freehold Vanguard* is a select band of soldiers, adventurers, and scholars that collectively act as both defenders of [[Freehold | Freehold]] and explorers of the [[Barren Kingdoms]]. They serve at the behest of, and under the command of, [[:simon- …

  • Council of Freehold

    *The Council of Freehold* is the loosely organized governing structure that runs Freehold. The Council is run by [[:simon-keeper | Simon Keeper]], one of the founders of Freehold. The Council's second-in-command is [[Kranger Schaldhamer]], a duer from …

  • Thomm Strubbins

    Thomm Strubbins is the terse, dark-humored gnome who sits on the [[Council of Freehold | Council of Freehold]]. He was an adventuring companion of [[:simon-keeper | Simon Keeper]] before the [[Great Dying]], along with his twin brother Nobb (deceased).