The Barren Kingdoms

Campaign Prelude

What has come before.

The PCs all reside in the city of Freehold. They are members of the Freehold Vanguard, a group of adventurers tasked with going out in the Barren Kingdoms to gather artifacts, scout territories, and generally serve as the first warning for threats to Freehold and Uduerinstand. They have been together for about a month at the time the campaign starts, having been trained together and then sent on some small retrieval missions prior to the start of the campaign.

As the campaign begins, the Kreue have been sent deeper into the Barren Kingdoms then they have ever ventured before, in search of valuable texts that may hold clues to the grim fate that befell humanity.


Can we get a shout-out for Chance’s Strike Team taking back the outpost? Well at least the ground level of the outpost.

Campaign Prelude

Just went up. :)

Campaign Prelude

Wait til you see my plan…

Campaign Prelude

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