The Barren Kingdoms

1.04. Funeral Rites for Warwarau Boggen

"Rodents of Unusual Sizes? I don't think they exist."

The party was tasked with heading out to meet with the Swamp People, on the hopes that Heredun Outpost could avoid more open hostilities. They were to escort a diplomat, Larus, and to keep him safe.

A pair of scouts, Mek and Klogen, led the PCs into the swamp and to the village. After a brief misunderstanding and skirmish, the party was brought to the village, where they met Pappa Slau, the leader of the Wararau (their tribal name). The PCs notice not only Bullywugs, but also kobolds, turtle folk, and lizard folk in the camp; one lizard folk in particular seemed to be some sort of village leader, though he never talked to the PCs directly.

Pappa Slau demanded that the party participate in the funeral rites of Wararau Boggen, one of the Bullywugs slain in a previous combat with the party. The PCs felt they were being put on, but they gamely played along as rites were recited, libations were offered, and a wrestling match was commenced (Chance handily defeated his foe).

Finally, the party had to bring a litter bearing Boggen’s body to a hidden place in the middle of the Fire Bog …. a part of the swamp full of dangerous flame gouts, lightning pits, and the dreaded Great Roux. The party quickly learned how to avoid the flame gouts (they made a noise before they blew) and how to avoid the lightning pits (Caelynn smartly began prodding the ground in front of her with a stick). Avoiding the Great Roux was not so easy; the cattle-sized dire rat attacked along with a swarm of dire rats and regular rats. Using their wits and weapons, the party managed to fell the Great Roux, lay Boggen’s body to rest, and leave the swamp. They even brought the body of the Great Roux with them to offer the Bullywugs a funeral feast (an act that definitely won the Bullywugs over).

Pappa Slau and Larus parlayed, and it was agreed that more formal peace talks between the swamp folk and Heredun Outpost would take place.


Wrestling match? Chance beat him into turtle soup!


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